As we all know, when we decide to become parents we are not given a manual to help us on our journey.  There is no 'one size fits all' solution because our little ones are totally unique with their own individual personalities and needs.

All children develop and grow naturally with their parent's input.  Sometimes a little additional help may be needed, especially when managing behaviour becomes difficult.  When we feel low, angry or frustrated we know what that feeling and emotion is and probably why we are experiencing it.  However, children need help to understand what they are feeling and thinking and why, so it is up to us to help them.  We need to be the calm in their storm, guiding and supporting them through, so that in the future they will be able to manage this process themselves.

When you are experiencing these behaviours, like many parents you feel you have nowhere to turn, no one to support you and in many cases it can change the dynamics of the household to the point that you decide to shut yourselves away at home because it is easier.

Instead of doing that, take a look through my website and if you feel our working together may help you and your child, take the first step, contact me and we can talk it through. 



Safely share your worries & concerns

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Children in the Community C.I.C.
My Approach

Using a holistic, therapeutic play-based approach to help support families as a whole unit.

Enabling the adults to understand the behaviour that presents itself.

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About me

A fifty something female, married with two grown up sons and blessed with four gorgeous grandchildren.

A woman passionate about supporting families to jump the hurdles that life puts in their path.

Getting Help

Working alongside parents to support with a variety of issues that present themselves.  Below are just a few of the more common ones










Bereavement / Loss

"Tara is a warm, fun & creative Thrive Practitioner.  Through her engaging & imaginative sessions our daughter has been able to have the confidence to use a variety of useful & different strategies to help her manage her anxiety levels.   Sessions have also given her the confidence to build upon her own self-esteem, this having a positive impact on helping her to develop relationships with others.  Tara's weekly sessions were something she always looked forward to.  Tara has been an amazing support to our family" 

Rebecca, mum of 7 year old



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